In assisting the university to fulfill its mission, the University of Tennessee Library Council (UTLC) supports the creation, compilation, dissemination and preservation of knowledge. We recognize both the restrictions and the rights conferred by the fair use exemption, section 107 of US copyright law. UTLC supports equitable access to ideas and the evidence supporting them. Therefore, we respect both the rights of copyright holders to govern the dissemination and use of their works, and we also encourage the university’s application of fair use principles in fulfilling its mission. Equitable access to data, ideas, and evidence is fundamental to the social, cultural, political, and economic well-being of individuals, organizations, communities, and societies. Open access to information is the best guarantee of that principle. We encourage students, faculty, and staff to explore new forms of scholarship, including open access publications, and to make informed decisions about sharing their work.

The UTLC seeks to inform members of the university community about copyright, fair use, licensing options, and open access to scholarship so they may create and use information responsibly and confidently.