2024 UT Institutional Effectiveness Summit: The Future of IE

July 9–11, 2024

10:00 – 11:00 a.m. EDT each day
Online Event

Data practitioners across the UT System are invited to engage with colleagues to explore how we can use data today and in the future to support the UT mission.

2024 UT Institutional Effectiveness Summit participants will:

  • Build collaborative relationships with data professionals across the system through meaningful dialogue.
  • Develop a clearer understanding of AI technologies, ethical considerations and practical uses in academic and administrative contexts.
  • Learn about the importance of data stewardship and ethical considerations in managing institutional data.
  • Understand the evaluation plan and process used for UT’s suite of dashboards, including the preliminary outcomes and how those will be used.

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Event contact: Jorge Pérez, jperez@tennessee.edu

Session Details

Keynote Title: “The Prompt Whisperer: Harnessing Artificial Intelligence to Impact Our Work”


Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jason Simon, Associate Vice President of Data, Analytics and Institutional Research (DAIR) at the University of North Texas


Dr. Jason Simon


Chat GPT is all the rage, but this is just a very small slice of artificial intelligence (AI). In this session, we will cover the various forms of AI, with a special focus on Generative AI (GAI). We will discuss why data practitioners should care about these applications and how to develop a new mindset around AI. This session won’t shy away from the challenges; instead, we’ll illuminate why institutions and employees need to be highly engaged in order to address these concerns. Finally, this session will showcase specific practices and opportunities for data practitioners to leverage this rapidly evolving field and its approaches. AI is so much more than writing a good prompt! Learn why and how higher education is being transformed by these tools.

Session: Data Stewardship

Moderator: Dr. Brian Hester


  • Caroline Mann, Associate Director of Institutional Research and Strategic Analysis, UT Knoxville
  • Cindy Williamson, Director of Assessment and SACSCOC Liaison, UT Chattanooga
  • Chris Mattingly, Registrar and Director of Institutional Research, UT Southern
  • Rion McDonald, Director of Institutional Research, UT Martin
  • Todd Barber, Executive Director of ITS Application Development, UT Health Science Center

Join us at the IE Summit for an engaging panel discussion on data stewardship across the University of Tennessee System. Panelists from each UT campus and the System office will share their experiences and approaches to managing and protecting data. We’ll examine effective practices for improving data quality, maintaining data integrity and developing robust governance policies. The session will also highlight the collaborative efforts needed to achieve high standards of data stewardship throughout the system. Learn about our ongoing initiatives to responsibly manage data, support informed decisions and enhance institutional effectiveness.


Session: Dashboard Suite Evaluation Plan


  • Rachel Borashko, Assistant Director of Business Intelligence, UT System Administration
  • Ashley Ludewig, Assessment Coordinator, UT System Administration


The Institutional Effectiveness team at the University of Tennessee System launched a suite of data dashboards in spring 2023 on data.tennessee.edu. We then asked ourselves: is it working? After months of cleansing and curating data for our dashboard suite, we developed an evaluation plan to analyze the usability and inform the improvement of our decision support tools.

In this session, we will discuss the specific evaluation plan our team is using, which includes website traffic tracking, user experience (UX) testing, focus groups and data request alignment analyses. We’ll also share preliminary results and how we are using them to improve the dashboards.