Department chairs serve as academic leaders and administrative heads of their respective departments and represent their department when interacting with university administration. Chairs are responsible for a wide range of tasks, including departmental, program, and curriculum planning, overseeing academic personnel and staff in the department; managing finances and space allocation; and ensuring compliance with campus and board policy.

The purpose of this toolkit is to provide department chairs with up-to-date and easily accessible information from the system level by providing key links, contact information, and answers to frequently asked questions. Additional information will link to campus policies and documents, providing quick access for department chairs across the system. Please note that creation of this toolkit began in July 2018 and we will continue to add more information. We welcome your feedback for making this toolkit a useful resource.

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Recent News, Announcements, and Current Events

  • 10/02/17 – UTM Department Chair Information Event
  • 10/11/17 – UTHSC Department Head Development Day with Tina Gunsalus
  • 11/03/17 – UT Board of Trustees Academic Affairs Committee Meeting
  • 02/08/18 – UTK Department Head Development Day with Jeff Buller
  • 02/09/18 – UTK Department Head Development Day with Jeff Buller

Key System and Campus Contact Information and Resources

 UT System:

UT Chattanooga:

UT Health Science Center:

UT Knoxville

UT Martin

 Quick Links to UT System Policies

Academic Freedom, Responsibility, and Tenure

  1. Policies Governing Academic Freedom, Responsibility, and Tenure
  2. Academic Freedom and Responsibility of the Faculty Member
  3. Academic Freedom and Responsibility of the University Administration
  4. Definition of Tenure
  5. Eligibility for Tenure Consideration
  6. Probationary Period
  7. Criteria for Tenure
  8. Procedures for Consideration and Grant of Tenure
  9. Locus of Tenure
  10. Evaluation of Tenured Faculty Members
  11. Termination of Tenure
  12. Disciplinary Sanctions Other Than Termination for Adequate Cause

Fiscal Policies:

  1. General Statement on University Fiscal Policy



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